Qualities of a Muslim

shakir bin Rafiq

What is Iman?

The honourable Zibiril a. asked the prophet (s.m.)
Now tell me about Iman?The prophet (s.m.) said,Al -Iman its your believe on Allah,on his angels, books, messengers,on the last day and also believe on the good luck and bad luck.
Zibril said,you have told the great truth.

(Sohih muslim, hadis no,8)

The flavors of Iman:

Described by the honourable Abbas ra. He has heard to saying prophet (s.m.)
“”Who will accept Allah as a feeder, and Islam as a religion, and prophet Muhammad (s.m.) as a messenger certainly he will test the flavor of Holy Iman.””
(Muslim,hadis, 34)

The sweetness of Iman:

Described by honourable Anas (ra.),
The prophet (s.m) said,who had three qualification certainly he will feel the sweetness of Iman.
(1.)Allah and his messenger (s.m.) will be most beloved person to him than everything.
He will love anyone only for Allah.
He will be hate the retreat to blasphemes as like he hates he throwed in the fair.


The ramifications of Iman:

Described by the honourable Abu Hurairah( ra.) The prophet (s.m.) said,
“””there are more than seventy ramifications of Iman,
“”LA ILAHA ILLALAH”” is the greatest part of them and remove the painfuller objet from way is the minimum part of them.
The shame is the most important part of Islam.””

( Muslim, 35)

Sign of Iman:

Described by the honourable Abu Umamah( ra.),
A man asked the prophet (s.m.), What is the Iman?
The prophet (s.m.) said, if your good jobs satisfies you and your bad jobs distress you, so you are the Mumin.

(Musnade ahmad,22166)

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